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Alaa Wardi & Mohab

Alaa Wardi
YouTuber / Musician

Caro Emerald (SK Session)

A famous song of her on SK Sessions (France). A harmony of Höfner’s vintage  guitar with Caro’s astonishing voice. I think Wieger is so stoned while playing, but he saves the day.


Kimbra (Spotify Session)

New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra performed a rendition of her song “Settle Down” in the front yard of the Spotify House, building an elaborate arrangement on her own with the use of samplers and loops.

Jarle Bernhoft

Often described as one of the most talented voices in the country, Jarle Bernhoft has built his career step by step. From small roles as a child on stage in the Norwegian Opera, via success with heavy rock and a record deal in Los Angeles, to his first soul influenced solo album, his music style taken many bends and detours. Now it starts to materialise like a long, wide road with a distinctive character which is unique in Norwegian music. In January 2011 he released his second solo album, ‘Solidarity Breaks’ in Norway, an album which shows the results of many years of hard work in search of his own voice. For Bernhoft (born 21 June, 1976) there are no alternatives.



This is Beatjazz (TED)

onyx_ashanti_1 Onyx Ashanti is a musician, geek, open-source advocate, Maker, collaborator … The intrumentation he has created fuses technique and technology into a full-body musical system, playable with hands, arms, mouth and body. As he says:

I am what can only be described as a cyborg musician.  in other words, the music i create live, can not be replicated without technology. My music is called “Beatjazz.” It is a mix of sound design, live looping and jazz improvisation. My instrument of choice over the years has been a Yamaha Wind MIDI controller, but now the limitations have started to stunt the growth of this new form, so i designed an instrument that can take it into future.

He is now working on the next iteration of his instrument, codenamed Tron, and built around a helmet-mounted controller.





Street Art

We want Istanbul to be painted out just like these cities. It may cover the concrete jungle and make it a little pretty for us. I think Istanbul is the perfect fit for it.