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Alaa Wardi & Mohab

Alaa Wardi
YouTuber / Musician

This is Beatjazz (TED)

onyx_ashanti_1 Onyx Ashanti is a musician, geek, open-source advocate, Maker, collaborator … The intrumentation he has created fuses technique and technology into a full-body musical system, playable with hands, arms, mouth and body. As he says:

I am what can only be described as a cyborg musician.  in other words, the music i create live, can not be replicated without technology. My music is called “Beatjazz.” It is a mix of sound design, live looping and jazz improvisation. My instrument of choice over the years has been a Yamaha Wind MIDI controller, but now the limitations have started to stunt the growth of this new form, so i designed an instrument that can take it into future.

He is now working on the next iteration of his instrument, codenamed Tron, and built around a helmet-mounted controller.





Street Art

We want Istanbul to be painted out just like these cities. It may cover the concrete jungle and make it a little pretty for us. I think Istanbul is the perfect fit for it.